Muscle Relaxation

We need our muscles for work and play. Muscles tighten and lengthen when we move around. When we are not moving, our muscles still have to work so we don't fall over. All our muscles work hard. Sometimes it can be difficult to get them to stop working and relax. We may not even be aware that our muscles are all tensed up.

Another problem is that when we have a pain, our muscles can get tense and make it worse. Imagine how you would walk if you stubbed your toe badly. If you didn't want your toe to touch the ground, you would tighten the muscles in your toe, foot, and leg to pull that toe up. Your toe wouldn't get hurt again, but your muscles would start to ache. With any kind of pain, muscles can tighten up and make the pain feel worse.

At Camp Pain Retreat, you will learn how to tighten your muscles and then let them go and relax. With practice, you will be able to feel when your muscles are getting tense and you will learn how to tell your muscles to relax. It may be helpful to practice after you have gone to bed and the lights are out, or when you are first waking up.

Click one of the rocks by the waterfall to listen to a relaxation audio file. If you would like to download this audio to your iPod or other portable listening device, right-click (ctrl-click for Macintosh) on a rock.